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XenApp 7.6 Ready for Download!











Citrix released today XenApp 7.6 on, so it’s downloadable now.
One of the big advantages of this version:

1. The use of MCS (Machine Creation Services) for XenApp, which first was available only for XenDesktop (VDI).  This option gives more flexibility for deployments. Now you can choose between PVS and MCS.
2. Better Mobile experience (enhanced codecs for instance) and use of onboard hardware for higher refreshrates.
3. Better 3d experience by separating HDX channels with 5 seperate streams.

DSCheck Maintenance Assistance Tool

The DSCheck Maintenance Assistance Tool is a graphical version of the command line DSCheck. With this version, you can easily check for inconsistencies in the XenApp datastore and repair/clean if needed. Always backup the datastore before using this tool. The tool works with XenApp 4.5 to 6.5.

DSCheck Maintenance Assistant














The tool can be downloaded from Citrix, see article CTX137608.