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Citrix Ports

Since the portfolio of Citrix increases, the number of products increases which are brought under the Citrix umbrella.
For security purposes, it’s important to know which ports are needed to make a product function as promised and secure.
To help with this, Citrix has a made a document for the following products with their ports:

  • Citrix License Server
  • Cloudstack
  • Common Citrix Communication Ports
  • XenApp
  • XenDesktop
  • XenServer
  • LabManager
  • StageManager
  • StorageLink
  • NetScaler / Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
  • Access Gateway 5.0
  • Previous versions of Access Gateway Standard / Advance Edition
  • BranchRepeater
  • EdgeSight
  • EasyCall
  • Password Manager
  • Provisioning Services
  • SmartAuditor
  • Workflow Studio
  • Citrix Online Products

See the document at:  http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX101810