Citrix Synergy 2011!!

It was fun and interesting attending the Citrix Synergy 2011 at Barcelona! People from every corner of the world came to see Citrix Synergy.

See below the first picture of the Forum, where all the (breakout) sessions took place. The second picture is the Auditorium where Mark Templeton gave his keynote.

Forum                                                                                                                        Auditorium  – Forum

KeyNote Mark Templeton

Mark’s keynote at Wednesday was very energetic and gave the Citrix vision of the future. To watch the keynote, click this link:

My highlights:

Receiver:  a long time Citrix has used different terminology for PNagents, Online-plugins, Webl-plugins, Receivers, and so on. But from now, to make it easier for everyone, they use Receiver as the client software for client perspective.

Citrix Receiver Storefront:  The good old Webinterface will fade away and make place for the Citrix Receiver Storefront, which is part of the Citrix Cloud Gateway. The look and feel is changed dramatically, to enable one uniform layout to all types of devices, such as Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows, Windows Phone 7, and so on.
The Citrix Cloud Gateway Express is free for use, to enable access to XenApp / XenDesktop from internal (LAN) of external access (Cloud/anytime, anywhere). It will be easier to set-up deployment, especially for BYO.
Keep in mind, SQL is needed for deployment.

RingCube:  By acquiring RingCube, XenDesktop 5.5 has a great new feature called Personal vDisk. This great feature enables a personal touch to a pooled Desktop by adding a layer at user level. Normally only a private vDisk could have this feature.

XenClient 2: XenClient 2 supports much more (chipsets) hardware, so not only Intel V-Pro are supported anymore. Although, Intel V-Pro gives better performance, especially on the Graphics (GPU).

XenServer 6: More optimized for XenDesktop integration, with the optimized Intelli Cache you will move the IO from shared storage to local storage, by using a great caching technology.
VDI HDX 3D PRo gives the possibility to enable CAD support for VDI desktops as needed by using GPU-passthrough from XenServer side.

XenApp 6.5: The biggest advantage for user experience is added to XenApp 6.5. It is called “session Pre-launch” which allows the session to start earlier, so the user doesn’t have to wait longer then before.
Also the HDX technology improved further, which optimizes WAN connections for usage of XenApp 6.5, enabling a high responsive session up to a network latency up to 300 ms.
Multi-Stream ICA adds more virtual ports to a session, so the user experience stays stable by separating file transfer, print traffic and other components to different streams. This will be notable when sending large printjobs or big file transfers throughout the session.
The Windows experience is enhanced by adding a Windows 7 look and feel for the user session in a Hosted Desktop Shared environment.

Branch Repeater 6.0 VPX: This version adds more performance, support and WAN optimization. The user experience keeps solid on low bandwidth locations by using traffic shaping techniques like ICA deduplication and adaptive protocol acceleration.